A Summer in Devon

As has become an almost mini tradition with this blog, my August post will be dedicated to photos from home. The academic year in Bangladesh came to a successful close in June and a six week vacation was divided between Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and of course, Torquay, Devon.

In my next blog I’ll share some of those images from Rwanda and DRC (which will include molten lava and bullet-holed signposts), but for now here is a selection from home. This inevitably comprises photos of sunsets, dogs, hills, family, real ale, Plymouth Argyle, and the ocean.

The title of this blog post simply means “lucky” in Bangla, and when I am home in the UK it always makes me stop and reflect upon how lucky I was and am to have grown up in Devon and to be able to go home and visit on an annual basis.

This summer was no different, and there were several moments I reflected on this good fortune. Perhaps these photos will explain better than words can.  Just as I feel often mesmerized by the Bangladesh countryside, Devon provokes a distinctly parallel experience.

There was one evening in particular. I took Jack, our border collie, for an evening walk and the sun was just beginning to set over the fields that spread towards the horizon. The light was perfect and the peace and silence was unlike anything I had experienced for a while.

I’m back in Bangladesh now, and I don’t know quite when I’ll experience that type of silence again, but I do know the countryside here offers just as many peaceful experiences, so “bhagyaban” undoubtedly applies to my time here also.

So, here’s a small selection of photos from my latest summer of reconnection with home.

All photos © John Stanlake

9 thoughts on “Bhagyaban

  1. Once again you packed a lot into your 6 weeks holiday John. Great to have you home for 4 of them. Mum & I wish you good fortune and good health for the forthcoming year out there in Bangladesh and be sure to look after yourself.
    Best Wishes-Dad. PS. COYG’s !!

  2. As always your photos are stunning Stanners and you’ve captured precisely how I feel to live here: lucky. Most of the time…
    Thanks for making time for us in your jam packed holiday!

  3. John, once again enjoyed your blog, albeit you missed a great chance to enhance it! If you’d only inserted picture of Plainmoor instead of that stinking green shed!! Yellow Army!

  4. Good to see you whilst in UK and obviously your attendance at the has spurred them on!! Another good result, looking forward to you next batch of fascinating blogs about your escapades in Africa and Asia.

    Best Wishes Robbie

  5. It was good to see you again,if only for a short time.I agree with Steve,you missed out not including you LOCAL team ,THE GULLS.That other team is Cornish as you know.
    Keep up the good work.Your a credit to your wonderful family.

  6. Lovely photos of dear old Devon John, and we did enjoy you and your friend John’s company at the Quiz Night – we didn’t do too badly did we? All best wishes for the coming year, take care
    Barbara and Brian

  7. Lovely photos as always John. It was great to have you home and it is always so sad to see you leave on the coach at the start of your journey back to Bangladesh. Pity the weather wasn’t better for you but you certainly managed to cram in a lot.
    Keep the blogs and the photos coming. We always look forward to them.

  8. As usual, all of your travels, photos and words inspire me but none so much as Devon. Jack has a loyal admirer here in the States!

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