A British Summer: Pygmy goats, rolling hills, sunsets, family, and a posing border collie.

I haven’t blogged for a while. There is usually a reason for that. Either I’ve run out of things to write about, or I’m too busy to find the time. On this occasion it is a mix of both reasons. A little over four weeks ago I left Guyana, my time there had come to an end. This departure was once again tinged with sadness as I said goodbye to yet another group of wonderful people, and good friends met along the way during a sometimes roller-coaster journey. Guyana grew on me a great deal and as such will no doubt leave a lasting impression.


Each summer for the past few years I return home to enjoy a little window of familiarity before setting off again. This summer has been no different. Having barely unpacked my suitcase I was already posting off my passport to the Bangladesh High Commission in London. After a little questioning the passport was returned with a new Bangladesh visa, and thus, as I write this I am sat in Manchester airport waiting for the departure of flight EK18 to Dubai. A connection to Dhaka follows, with the concluding leg to Chittagong taking me to my final location. In just a few hours of writing this I’ll be back in Bangladesh. It is somewhat surreal, but deep down I think I always knew it would happen, I just hadn’t expected it to come about so soon.

I won’t talk about this now, however, as it dawned on me recently that my blogs are usually all about the places I’ve resided and visited outside of the UK. Yet, in between all of these jaunts I’m lucky to be able to spend some relaxing vacations at home in Devon. I’ve therefore decided to take this opportunity to share some photos from this most recent spell at home. They tend to sum up why, despite all the wonderful places I’ve seen in the past few years, I’m always very happy to see that ‘Welcome to Devon’ sign, the harbour of Torquay, the hills of Dartmoor, and of course, my family – who patiently put up with all of my comings and goings and always offer support. This can never be underestimated, and I’m very grateful.

12 thoughts on “A British Summer: Pygmy goats, rolling hills, sunsets, family, and a posing border collie.

  1. John, it was once again lovely to see you and spend time with you. You have encountered so much in such a short space of time. Memories that will stay with you a lifetime. The only sad consequence of these experiences is that it has effected your bowling skills! Take care chap and I trust we will see you soon. Steve

  2. So good to have had you home with us for the past month or so and the added bonus was that the weather was great and it allowed us to enjoy the great outdoors, get your copious amount of washing dry and have our meals ‘al fresco’. The trip to Longleat was really good and brought back many happy memories (especially on the train !!).
    We wish you much success and happiness as you begin your second spell in Bangladesh. Keep safe and ensure you keep the blogs & photos coming.
    Jack is still pining for you !
    Much love Mum & Dad xx

  3. So good to have had you home with us for the past month or so and the added bonus was that the weather was so good and allowed us to enjoy the great outdoors together as a family, allowing me to get your washing dry and having some meals ‘al fresco’. The trip to Longleat brought back some happy memories ( especially the train ride ! ).
    Be sure to keep the blogs and lovely photos coming and Dad and I wish you every success and happiness during your second spell in Bangladesh. But above all, keep safe.
    PS. Jack is still pining for you.
    Much love from Mum & Dad xx

  4. We missed you in Devon! Hope you have another great adventure. I’ll raise a glass to you at the oval in a couple of weeks!
    Cheers frank

  5. Dear Sir,
    Its nice to read your blog. If I am not mistaken, are your coming back to AUW? If you are then, welcome back Sir.

  6. It was good to catch up with you on your recent stay back home in Torquay John.
    Hope you settle back in Bangladesh – sure you will be busy! Liked the shots you have taken with your new camera – look forward to seeing many more.
    All the best and take care, Barbara and Brian

  7. Hey Broski…

    Nice blog; cool photos as per usual – but the stakes are now higher, as you have your new state of the art camera at hand! I will forgive you for the Longleat shot… but revenge is sweet! 😉 Kenya was ace – will fill you in on our next Skype chat. Bring on Nepal adventures I say!!! So good to see you whilst you were home… oh how time flies… I truly hope your new stint in Bangladesh brings many more exciting blogs and adventures! Love Becs xxx

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